Accredited Medical Symposium “News in Diabetology”

At the beginning of this year, we held an accredited medical symposium “News in Diabetology”. It was the first gathering of this type and it was organized by our Association in a partnership with private health institutions and private practices. The Association gathered a group of worldwide renowned experts from this field.

We talked about today’s possibilities of preventing type 2 diabetes, about obesity in preschool and school children, specific treatment of acute coronary syndrome in diabetics, rehabilitation od diabetics with polyneuropathy. We held lectures and debates about diabetes neuropathy (new possibilities of treatment) and diabetes retinopathy (the importance of diagnosis and intervention), and erectile dysfunction in diabetes.

Lectures and discussed topics prompted a constructive discussion among participants that resulted in the formulation of proposals and conclusions for the improvement and operation of private healthcare institutions and private practices in this field. Participants of the Symposium see the Association as a significant and important actor, which through its active role can contribute to raising awareness in preventing the treatment of diabetes, and therefore have defined the following:


  • That the Association Secretariat send to all healthcare institutions and private practices a risk assessment table for diabetes and a leaflet on the assessment of the risk of diabetes in obese children.
  • health educationThe Association in cooperation with the Regional Medical Chamber and the Committee for Primary Health Care should formulate a proposal for organizing a program for the prevention of Diabetes mellitus in children, which will be sent to Secretariat of Health and the Ministry of Health.
  • Work on the introduction of health education in primary and secondary schools as it is the basis for the prevention of obesity in children and adolescents, as well as for later avoiding other complications. It is also necessary to organize education courses for this purpose
  • Addressing the public on these subjects and raising their awareness so they can follow their health status closely and consult with their doctors in time, all in order to prevent the disease to develop.