Citizens, students, doctors, and specialists, welcome to aeshp.org where knowledge has no limits and where the exchange of information and research is free. This is the place where we are ready to help anyone who wants to study or improve their knowledge, to learn more about their own illness, its symptoms and ways of its treatment, as well as the types of treatments that are available not only in our country but also in the rest of the world. We are here for all of you.

What We Do

Connecting – in our vast network we have doctors, specialists and scientists from all over the world who are available and willing to exchange their findings and debate about medical science and technology

Seminars – these types of gatherings are a regular activity in our Association and are easily available to everyone interested to participate no matter the working hours or residence.

Specialization – with our help you can easily choose your specialization and finish it. With our research teams and various health organizations, you can easily find yourself in the field of your future expertise.

Training – among us here are a lot of well-respected doctors with astonishing experience who are giving numerous lectures and training where you can participate too.

Conferences – three times a year in different parts of the world. That is the one way of many how we keep the connection between professionals from all over the world who are working in this field.

Sharing – we have a large number of publications, research texts, books, and other materials that are available to you at any given time. Our library is growing constantly

Why Choose Us?

We bring together professionals in this field of work from around the world. Our network of partners and other connections is countless. We cooperate with numerous medical universities, organizations as well as medical institutions in various countries. We participate in numerous panels, conferences, seminars, as well as decisions regarding medical technology, and patient care. Our library constantly grows and is easily accessible, our lecturers are top-notch, and our research teams are well known.

What People Say About Us


Robert Lear

I am very grateful for the knowledge I have acquired and which I continue to acquire through your organization, as well as on all the opportunities I got trough you which helped me not just to connect better with other experts, doctors, and scientist, but to acquire a much richer experience about medical technology.

Sylvia Hobbs

The amount of information available through your platform is astonishing. I am particularly grateful and surprised at the good connections with other foreign associations and organizations that you have. Training and information you gave me about patient care and healthcare are priceless.

Larry S. Whitmire

Your seminars, conferences as well as many debates that you organized are an ideal opportunity for my further training. With you, I chose and finished my specialization, and found research teams all over the world on the subject I am interested.

We Research

We have developed numerous research articles on all aspects of healthcare including rare diseases. We have also conducted research on the opioid addiction crisis. This has been made possible by the vast amount of content that is available online from sites like Palmer Lake Recovery

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